Thursday, December 29, 2011

Best Ramen in Singapore

My favourite Ramen shop is still Baikohken, even with the many new ramen chains opening in recent years. Here's my favorite list:

1. Baikohken (梅光軒) - Tasty Miso Charsiew Ramen, and Miso Vegetable Ramen aaaa
One of the best miso soup base and tender charsiew. Specialise in only ramen. Now opens on Sundays too.
address: takashimaya basement
Opens 7 days,
Japanese website:

2. Santouka - Very tasty Miso soup and best Charsiew aaaa
Best miso soup and very tender, best charsiew so far.
address: Shop #02-76, Central Mall, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street (Map)
$12 onwards.
Japanese website:

3. Marutama - Aka Ramen, and tasty Miso Charsiew Ramen aaa
Specialise in ramen using chicken soup base. With pine nuts in the soup.
address: Shop #03-90/91, Central Mall, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street (Map) --new branch at Liang Court

4. Tampopo - tonkatsu (black pig) ramen and dishes aaaa
Many other authentic japanese cuisines besides ramen
address: moved to Level 1 at Liang Court (Map)

5. Ichibantei - Tantan Ramen aaa
Tantan and Miso Ramen. Kids can join members and get a self serviced large bowl of ice cream too.
address: 60 Robertson Quay #01-13 The Quayside (Map) , also in China Sq, Hong Leong Bldg

6. Ramen Champion - Ikkousha and Gantetsu aaa
I prefer Ikkousha and Gentetsu, both are rich in the soup base.
address: Illuma Bugis Level 4 (Map), Changi T3

7. Bon Gout - Miso Ramen aaa
Recycle bookstore + cafe, free to browse and buy used books on the shelves
Beef curry rice and set meals are good too
address: 60 Robertson Quay #01-01 The Quayside (Map)

8. Miharu (美春) - Miso Ramen aaaa
Specialise in ramen. Although I personally find it a bit too salty to my taste, but many Japanese likes to visit this Ramen restaurant.
address: #01-11 Gallery Hotel (Map)

9. Kyo-Nichi Ramen - Collagen Ramenaaa
Specialise in collagen ramen. Taiwanese style japanese ramen.
address: China Square #01-31/32 (Map)

Other Ramen restaurants that are not bad too includes:
Ajisen Ramen - Bugis Junction, Parkway Parade
Beppu Ramen - Far East Sq, Tiong Bahru Plaza

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