Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Best Durian Cake

Restaurant Name: Goodwood Park Hotel

Located in Orchird Road, the heart of Singapore's shopping district, this colonial Germany styled hotel offer the best Durian Cake in town. For many years, this is a popular place for locals for a stylish & hearty afternoon high-tea. Durian Puff & Durian Mousse are the signature dessert. It recorded highest sales of 8,000 pieces of Durian Puff in one day. Now you can find more than 10 different flavour of durian dessert in the menu, such as Durian Waffe, Durian & Nuts Tart, Durian Sticky Rice Balls, etc. Fulfill both your creativity and tastebud. To ensure the quality, chef only choose the best D24 durian from among their 7 suppliers. I brought my German friend there, and he love the desserts even though he didn't like durian before in other places.

Durian Mousse Cake, the most original & signature dessert. SGD6.90 each.

Durian Roll, made by traditional pandan leaves, SGD6.00 each.

New flavour: Durian, Pandan & Coconut Cake. SGD 6.50 each

Durian Crepe, have to eat it fresh. SGD4.80 each.

Durian Crumble, a very nice mix of texture of smooth & crunchy. SGD4.50 each.

Durian Puff (left), melt in your mouth texture. SGD1.80 each. Smooth Durian Mousse sandwich with crispy waffe (right). SGD6.50 each.

Phone: +65 67377411

Address: 22 Scotts Road, Singapore 228221.

How to get there: 10 mins walk from Orchid MRT

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