Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Chili Crab

Restaurant Name: Villa Raintree Seafood Galleria

Located on top of a hill in Labrador Park, hidden inside millions years of tropical rain forest, this restaurant is probably the most quiet & comfortable place for Chili Crab in Singapore. Chinese restaurants normally don't serve delicious crabs, most of the time are over cooked. Here, they make the crabs texture like the French style, just nicely cooked, smooth & tender & super juicy. Chili taste not too strong, so that it didn't cover the natural fresh taste of crabs. Chef came from Fu-jian region of China, has been working in Singapore for over 10 years, and loves to create fusion dishes.

Stuffed lychee with crab meat, then deep fried until crispy. A very delicious & refreshing fusion dish. SGD8.00 each.

Scallop Siu-Mai with crab eggs soup, beneath the soup is a layer of steamed egg. Super Yummy! SGD12.00 each.

Famous Singapore chili crab. SGD32.

Best to order some buns, and dip it with the chili sauce!

Champagne Pork Rib. It was a bit disappointed though, rib was over cooked, very dry & chewy, gravy was a little too salty. SGD11.

Fried Noodles with shrimp, fish & scallops. The noddles were super crunchy, with fresh & sweet seafood, it was a very good combination. Couldn't help to finish the plate even I was already full.

Mixed fruit jelly made with teal leaves, very refreshing & the leave my mouth with a pleasant fragrance. SGD5.00

Opening Hour: 12 noon - 2:30pm / 6pm - 10pm

Phone: +65 63770351

Address: No. 30 Labrador Villa Road, Labrador Nature Reserve, Singapore 119189.

How to get there: take a free shuttle bus from Harbour Front MRT.

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