Thursday, November 20, 2008

Taipei Travel Guide Book

I came acorss this Taipei Travel Guide Book when browsing around in bookstore in Hong Kong. By far the best Travel Guide Book to Taiwan I've read, even if you're not on a budget. It describes both the well know sight seeing places, and many great restaurants, some of them out-of-thay-way local eateries. One could hardly find them without a book.

Although it is written in Chinese, but you don't actually need to read Chinese to use the book. My Ang-mo friend found it so handy by just looking at the pictures. He simply showed the book to taxi driver, and pointed to the address written on it.

Seriously, this kind of guide books are very popular in Hong Kong and Japan. I wonder why there's no English version, and I couldn't find it in Singapore! It's just so handy and easy to use.

But don't worry. I found out a link here, where you can buy the book directly from Ming Pao online.

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